MBA Scholarships – How to Find Them

A lot of students dream of getting an MBA degree. Admission to an MBA program is quite difficult, not to mention expensive. You can expect that finding scholarships for an MBA degree will be equally challenging.

There are a number of MBA schools that offer loan schemes, bursaries, and scholarships for prospective students. Application to scholarships, however, is very competitive. The school often awards the scholarships based on different criteria – merit, academic achievement, leadership skills, and financial need.

In this competitive environment, you as a scholarship seeker should find some leverage over others. Leverage can be in the form of knowledge of all financing opportunities for your MBA studies.

You can find MBA scholarships in a number of ways – through search engines, through the website of MBA schools, and through scholarship websites.

Search Engines

Searching for scholarships using search engines is the easiest way to start your search and is pretty straightforward. You type your keyword and sift through the results that Google or Yahoo gives you. Most often than not, indexed results will direct you to the scholarship page of MBA Universities and Schools.

Websites of MBA Universities/Schools

If you want to advance your search, one technique you can try is to find a list of the best MBA Universities or schools. You then visit the Universities in this list and find out if they offer scholarships. Most probably, since these are top MBA schools, they offer financial aid options for prospective students. However, you should expect that application for these scholarships will be tough.

Scholarship Websites

If there is an ideal way to find MBA scholarships, it is by finding a resource that compiles all the MBA scholarships in one place. It will not only save you time and effort but it can also give you an idea of the number and variety of scholarships available for MBA studies.

If you want to find a comprehensive list of MBA scholarships [], visit this website: [].

Jeni Gonzales is finding an MBA scholarship herself and wishes to share her knowledge with others.


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