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With scholarships in Switzerland for international students for 2023, Opportunities Circle is here. International students have a fantastic chance to study in Switzerland. Universities in Switzerland accept applications from international students for master’s and doctoral programs. Switzerland scholarships are available to anyone from anywhere in the world to study there in 2023. In Switzerland, there are about 40% of foreign-born students. Numerous programs offer scholarships in Europe.

The educational system in Switzerland is among the greatest in the world. Compared to the USA, Switzerland boasts a more affordable education system and a higher standard of instruction. Because of this, Switzerland has a sizable number of overseas students. Switzerland is renowned for its education, research, and long-term sustainable innovation. Grants in Switzerland

The greatest international scholarship program that is appropriate for your field of study must be chosen if you wish to study in Switzerland on a scholarship. The Swiss school system is the icing on top of the lovely scenery. One of the best places to study in Europe is Switzerland, because of its creative and practical programs, top-notch scholarships, and cutting-edge teaching techniques.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023

Applications are now being accepted for the fully funded Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 from students all around the world. The Swiss Confederation annually awards Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships to foster international research collaboration. Students from nations with which Switzerland has diplomatic ties may apply for this scholarship and get a free stay in Switzerland. This fully financed fellowship in Switzerland is available to overseas students pursuing Ph.D., Postdoctoral, and research degrees. It will pay their monthly stipend, housing costs, and tuition (subject to change). For international students, it is regarded as one of the greatest scholarships in Europe.

  • Swiss Federal Republic
  • Completely funded for financial support
  • Ph.D. and postdoctoral levels of study

Swiss Foundations and Organizations A large number of Swiss foundations and organizations offer financial aid to international students in the form of scholarships and grants. Examples include the World Health Organization (WHO), the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, and the Swiss National Science Foundation. To investigate prospective funding sources, conduct research and find organizations associated with your subject of study.

Scholarship Databases:

Make use of online databases and search engines that offer extensive data on scholarships offered internationally. Websites like,,, and might assist you in finding scholarships expressly for studying in Switzerland.

Embassies and Consulates

 Get in touch with the Swiss Embassies or Consulates in your home nation to learn more about the scholarship opportunities and programs available exclusively to students from that nation. They can offer details on scholarships funded by the government, international agreements, and other sources of financial assistance.

EPFL Excellence Scholarships in Switzerland

For local and international students, the EPFL Excellence Scholarship 2023 is a master’s fellowship. It is regarded as one of the best scholarships available to foreign students in Switzerland. These excellence scholarships are funded by EPFL University, one of Switzerland’s most renowned universities. These international students from any country who have excellent academic records can take advantage of these completely financed scholarships in Switzerland. EPFL collaborates with a wide network of colleges, universities, technology institutes, business and industry organizations, and secondary schools to have a genuine impact on society. The tuition costs and housing (subject to change) are covered by the EPFL scholarships for 2023.

  • Swiss Federal Republic
  • Completely funded for financial support
  • Studying at the graduate level

Public and Private Funding Program

 Keep an eye out for public and private funding initiatives that assist citizens of your home nation who are pursuing studies abroad. These programs could offer particular grants or scholarships for studying in Switzerland.

UNIL Master Degree Scholarship 2023

For foreign students in Switzerland who desire to study for their master’s degree at the University of Lausanne, there is also the UNIL Master Degree Scholarship 2023. For international students who have a strong academic record and a Bachelor’s degree from a foreign university, the University of Lausanne (UNIL) offers this possibility. A multicultural community that prioritizes bringing progress in multiple disciplines is what this scholarship program seeks to prepare. Approximately 10 students are chosen each year to receive the UNIL scholarship in Switzerland and attend school there. The monthly award of CHF 1,600 from the UNIL master’s scholarship is not yet completely funded.

  • Swiss Federal Republic
  • Partial funding for financial support
  • Studying at the graduate level

ETH Zurich Scholarship in Switzerland 2023

For the master’s program study at ETH Zurich, the excellence scholarship is available to non-EU students. For the 2023 intake, applications will be accepted beginning in November 2022. During the master’s degree course, the scholarship will cover the entire cost of living and tuition. Never pass up this chance if you wish to attend a prestigious university.

  • Switzerland is the nation.
  • Fully funded for financial protection

International Students Can Apply for IMD Scholarships in Switzerland

International students who have excelled academically and deserve financial assistance are given IMD MBA Scholarships. Apply for this chance if you believe you can make a positive difference in the world. Young people from outside the EU are drawn to Switzerland by scholarships designed to help them succeed in industries with intense competition. Scholarships in Switzerland encourage everyone who qualifies to apply and take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad, especially women.

  • Swiss Federal Republic
  • Partial funding for financial support

Studying at the graduate level master’s degree level

Higher education is now available to students who want to study in Europe in one of the best European nations. An excellence fellowship is available from the University of Geneva to study for a master’s degree in Switzerland. All applicants with a strong academic background and a desire to address the world’s sustainability concerns are warmly welcomed at the University of Geneva. The advantages it provides for overseas students make this international fellowship a fantastic opportunity. As a result, you ought to seize this chance; for more information, click the link provided below.

  • Swiss Federal Republic
  • Partial funding for financial support
  • MBA level of education


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